Accessible half marathon

Accessible half marathon


There are 4 categories that include both male and female participants:
Disabled on foot, sensory.
Disabled on foot, functionally.
Intellectually handicapped on foot.
Disabled persons in wheelchairs.


Disabled participants on foot, in addition to their own classification, will also be recorded in the general classification of the race.


The registration fee is set at €10 for each of these categories. The registration of a guide will be completely free of charge for disabled participants who need one, although they will have to fill in the registration form.


Wheelchair users will start from the "ADVANCED" starting line, while the rest of the participants with disabilities will start from their corresponding box according to their accredited record.


Participants who opt for the "Disabled in Wheelchairs" and "Disabled on Foot" categories must complete registration according to the procedures established in general for the “CaixaBank City of Málaga” Half Marathon and submit the certificate of recognition of the degree of disability issued by the Andalusian Sports Federation for people with disabilities that applies to them, through the Half Marathon registration platform, DEPORTICKET.COM, specifying the disability category in which they wish to participate.

Each blind or visually impaired participant (B2) who requires it will have the right to be accompanied by a guide, whose registration will be completely free of charge. There can only be one guide for each visually impaired athlete.


To be eligible for awards in this category, the wheelchair must meet the conditions for athletics events as specified in the International Paralympic Committee's Rules of Athletics (Rule No. 14).


Participants using HANDBIKE and CHAIRS with any other material, mechanism, gear, or lever that can be used to propel the wheelchair are not eligible to enter in the Wheelchair Category and are not eligible for prizes in this category.


For technical, logistical and safety reasons, participants in the wheelchair category will have the limitation of not being able to overtake the Race Control car.


Those registered in the various Disabled on Foot categories may participate in teams in the Club Awards section.


Trophies will be awarded to the first three and the first three classified in each category.


A commemorative medal will be awarded to all participants who finish the race.


Anything not included in these rules will be subject to the general regulations of the TotalEnergies Málaga City Half Marathon.



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